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is the stats if you look around the country, the states, the cities, it is places with the strictest gun control laws have the highest crime levels. it is a deterrent for criminals. think about it. if you had a security guard protecting you all day and i threw this out to pierce morgan or one of the media folks would you want them armed? i would if i was out there and a high profile figure i would want my security team armed. it makes no sense. >> we have to move on. a big thing going is everyone says in the wake of this we have to do something, do something. i am opposed to calling for legislation and passing legislation in the heat of the moment when emotions are high. to me that's how you end up with things like the patriot act which end up having a lot of unintended consequences or intended consequences that people didn't quite realize when they were voting for it. have a conversation, absolutely. we don't need to pass anything in the next couple days or anything like that. coming up, a different story, something about football perhaps. you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)

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